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90 yom “Possible Stroke” (from ems12lead blog)

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So let’s take a look at a case which Tom Bouthillet from the EMS 12 Lead blog posted and assess it from a neuro perspective. Let’s start by reviewing his post. Let’s approach the case in a linear fashion (I’ve bolded certain elements of interest): This gentlemen was perfectly normal until he walked outside, lost his balance and fell, […]

Blood Flow Through the Brain, pt. 1 (Overview)

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We all remember blood flow through the heart being pounded into our heads in school. Knowing the blood flow through the brain is every bit as important and proficiency in the basics of cerebral vasculature can quickly improve your assessment of stroke patients. There is a concept in stroke diagnosis known as localization. This refers to […]

How Neurons Work, pt. 1 (Overview)

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The human brain is constructed of about 100 billion individual neurons (or nerve cells). Each neuron is plays a part in making someone who they are: memories, behavior, quirks, and preferences. When a patient suffers a seizure it’s due to rapid neuronal firing. When a patient becomes unresponsive due to hypoglycemia it’s caused by lack of glucose […]

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