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TPA in the Truck: Results of the PHANTOM-S Trial

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Published in JAMA last month the Prehospital Acute Neurological Treatment and Optimization of Medical care in Stroke Study (PHANTOM-S; conducted in Berlin, Germany) studied 6182 patients randomized to 1) receiving the standard prehospital care (stroke alert and rapid transport only) versus 2) receiving care via a STEMO (Stroke Emergency Mobile). Let’s skip to the results: […]

How Many Patients Would Want TPA in an Emergency?

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In this study out of UCSF, patients were surveyed as to see if they would prefer treatment with fibrinolytic (TPA) therapy in the event of a stroke. Adults over 50 years of age read a scenario where they suffered a stroke and were brought to the emergency department by paramedics. The risks and benefits of TPA therapy […]