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Duty to Educate

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The 3AM call for a vital signs check is always a frustrating one. We’ve all been there, half-asleep, exhausted, wrinkled uniform. The patient’s blood pressure is high, as usual, and it has been for years. They are non-compliant with medication. Your options now are to transport or secure patient refusal (or perhaps better for those in […]

TPA in the Truck: Results of the PHANTOM-S Trial

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Published in JAMA last month the Prehospital Acute Neurological Treatment and Optimization of Medical care in Stroke Study (PHANTOM-S; conducted in Berlin, Germany) studied 6182 patients randomized to 1) receiving the standard prehospital care (stroke alert and rapid transport only) versus 2) receiving care via a STEMO (Stroke Emergency Mobile). Let’s skip to the results: […]

On Seizures and the F word

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Let’s start with a question which we will circle back to later: Have you ever turned red out of embarrassment, stuttered a bit around the person you had a crush on, or felt your hands tremble when you got excited or nervous? Keep that in mind, and let’s move on for now. You respond with […]